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Buying Property in Brazil

Brazil, the world's leading emerging property market and one which is forecast to outstrip even that of Spain! Real estate investors worldwide are turning their attention to Brazil as it fast becomes a world economic leader and returns on Brazilian property investment are considered to be excellent. Investors are increasingly aware of the high growth potential that the Brazilian property market offers and that this is supported by a strong government which actively seeks and supports foreign investment.

Goldman Sachs state that "currently, prices for desirable properties across Brazil are artificially low and this gives an investor a chance to buy in now and profit well in the short term or hold for long term appreciation and/or income generation."

Further, with the re-election of Brazil's president, Lula da Silva for the 2007 to 2010 term, political stability and continuing governmental success is assured.

Now is the optimum time for investing in Brazil's off-plan booming property market. In particular, Northeastern Brazilian coastline property prices are extremely low in comparison with what it's anticipated they will become and, at the same time, it is fast becoming a property 'hot spot'. Generally and a wise mantra to bear in mind is, that as with all emerging property markets, the earlier one invests the greater the profit potential and this is nevermore abundantly evident than in terms of Northeast Brazil.

Brazil is geographically divided into five regions, north, northeast, central-west, southeast and south and the Northeast has one third of Brazil's population. The region is culturally diverse with roots from the Portuguese colonial period, Afro-Brazilian culture and some Brazilian Indian influence. It is well known for its beautiful coastline and the most important cities in the Northeast of Brazil are Natal, Fortaleza, Recife and Salvador.

The Northeast of Brazil is quite simply a tropical paradise and is the principle 'sun and beach' destination. It is also the area that is receiving most investment from discerning foreign and native investors. The last few years have witnessed billions of government money pouring into the Brazilian economy to improve its infrastructure, its roads, improvement of its drainage system and the development of construction.

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