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Do You Want To Write eBay Titles

by title The purpose of writing good titles for your eBay auctions is to help potential buyers find your auctions. The majority of buyers only search, which means that you have 55 characters to cover all the possible search terms. It's not that easy. This article will provide some tips.

Don't use titles like "Super rare camera look low price" or "L@@k, rare video game". No one searches for these terms and it is a waste of space. Instead, try to think like a buyer. If you were looking for your items, what terms would you use?

You can also copy other sellers who are selling the same or similar items. Look at their auction titles and see what you can use. if it works for them, it will probably work for you. Also, go to eBay Pulse and look at the top ten search terms for your category. Use these search terms in your title if you can.

Be as specific as you can in your title. Incluse the items' brand name as well as model number since some people only search using those terms. Be sure you include exactly what your item is.


Below are some examples of good titles. They are on eBay right now and they are making their sellers money.

"Thermaltake CL-W0075 BigWater 735 ATX/BTX Liquid Cooling Kit Brand New"

Here we have the brand name "Thermaltake" and model name/number "CL-W0075 BigWater 735 ATX/BTX Liquid Cooling Kit" and condition "Brand New". The title also includes "Liquid Cooling Kit". Anyone searching for any of these terms will find this auction.

"Canon EOS 40D Digital SLR Camera 3 Pro Lens +2GB &More"

Again we have the brand name "Canon", model anme/number "EOS 40D" and what this item is exactly "Digital SLR Camera" and some ohter details "3 Pro Lens". Any searching for "canon" "canoin digital camera" or "canon eos 40D digital camera" will find this auction.

"NEW Cleveland HiBore XL 10.5 Degree Fujikura Gold Stiff"

For this auction, we have the brand name "Cleveland", model "HiBore XL 10.5 Degree" and other details that might be useful for potential bidders to know, such as the rod type. It also includes keywords such as "new"

If you use keywords gleaned from eBay Pulse and make sure you give the brand name and model number of your item, potential bidders should have no problem finding your auction. If your item doesn't have a brand name, or you don't know it, such as an imported MP3 player from China, then make sure that your titles uses as many keywords from eBay pulse as you can to cover the possible search terms.

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