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A New Direction For IWAC

It’s been a years learning experience with IWAC.biz, we have seen where the market is now and can make a clear judgment of where the market needs to go after our first year online. With years of additional experience of online auction selling and buying IWAC has taken a long look at what the future beholds for online shopping. Yes folks it’s true, out with the old and in with the new. IWAC.biz has moved to a stores only format in the new IWACStores.com( http://www.iwacstores.com ) domain.

IWACStores.com is proud to announce, after several months of research and development, a new concept in online buying and selling we refer to as “The Pooled Marketing Concept”. Take a look at auction and marketplace selling on the internet today and you see a tremendous splinter. Any number of a thousand auction sites or alternative to eBay sites are vying for sellers who are forced to list in many different venue’s to gain their piece of a 20% or so market share of buyers who buy at these type sites. Auction type selling, with the exception of a few niche markets, has been on the decline for 18+ months and the novelty has worn off for most buyers. Impulse shoppers have out numbered the deal seekers for some time now, so stores or BIN items have taken over the core of online shopping.

Independent websites have flourished by catering to the 80% of online buyers who don’t buy at auction sites, while auction sites have become a parking lot for sellers struggling to pay fees and make ends meet. IWACStores.com sees the trend and rather then follow the one way trip to the back lot of auction site storage hell, we have taken the on ramp to the global highway of internet buying and selling.

What makes “The Pooled Marketing Concept” different? Well for starters it levels the playing field for both buyers and sellers by comparing, side by side, IWACStores.com and independent websites. Buyers can compare products from both style sites and make a rational decision between products. By bringing independent websites into the picture nearly every form of payment is available to buyers around the world, thus allowing IWACStores.com to become the first online site to market to 100% of online shoppers.

For sellers the changes are far reaching. With the addition of independent websites (via IWACStores webstore feature) into the mix along side IWACStores, the average auction style seller will expose their inventory to a market that was always hidden/taboo in the eBay or alternative to eBay world, without the restrictions associated with the norm. Independent websites will gain the additional exposure, while still maintaining their own site policies and inventory via their website, again without restriction.

A true level playing field for online buyers and sellers is finally attainable at IWACStores.com for more information please visit our fees page.

IWAC Stores Admin Team

About The Author:

IWAC Stores started as an online auction site.
After months of research we noticed a big decline in the demand for auctions.
We then thought of the idea for IWAC Stores.
http://www.iwacstores.com to find out more.

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