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Arizmo a new type of Auction site

Certainly a revolutionary way of auctioning. Arizmo may well be the buzz word in the Auction arena as it launches its site with Houses, Cars and other luxury items.

The main difference is the prices go down having started at 70% off, somewhat like a Dutch auction, except its interactive and the unique bid is visible to all the participants. Allowing the bidders as many bids as possible within a specified time limit of the auction gives it a unique method.

It seems the dependency on skill and strategy come in play. As the prices are going to come down from the starting point as they get duplicated, a possibility of having a block of bids lower down the scale would be a help, and then duplicate the other bids above the block. Ofcourse, that block of numbers may well have been chosen by someone else too !! Leaving one duplicated like the rest.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the pre trial and found it fascinating. I must admit I was nowhere near the successful bid but having learnt from that I pass my experience to others.

There is something about getting a bargain, but more so, the involvement of oneself. Its never the same for me to put a sealed bid and then wait to see if one was successful, somewhat a lottery, which I hasten to add I have never won.

The usage of the Net has become so common to us all, websites abound, but nothing shines brighter than EBay, a frontrunner for years. Several sites have appeared since I started to indulge, and I am speaking about Auction sites, very few have retained a market position. Its a difficult field with a minefield of possibilities but needs clever operators like Auctioneer or IBid to even continue to grow.

The property market showing every sign of continuing to rise, with some pundits giving it the thumbs down and looking sheepish as the rise continues with no end in sight. Arizmo going in to the property market in a different way which brings the price down to the buyer can only be a good thing for those wanting to climb the ladder or are buying to rent.

Anything which helps the consumer is a welcome change. The tide of times will show if it lived upto its aspirations and ours.

About The Author:

A J Riz, born in India but spent most of his life in UK is married with two children. He lives in fashionable Notting Hill, London. He has had several articles published and is currently working on his first novel.

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