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Pay Per Play May Just Kick Pay Per Click

Excitement was in the air recently for website owners as news of the pay per play opportunity hit the net. Promising to pay for every visitor that lands on your website is almost what dream are made of. But not everybody was thrilled with the news. Pay per click companies were not exactly tickled pink with this kid on the block.

But while the website owners were celebrating and the internet gurus were all busy collaborating on their next big move to take advantage of this dream come true strategy, were pay per click companies wondering where they would be left at the end of the day?

Well realistically pay per click is here to stay for a little longer yet and pay per play is just another business model to add to numerous profit generating online systems. The key to true success both online and offline is a diversified portfolio or in other words a solid multiple streams of income empire. So this new audio advertising revolution is another way to find financial success online.

How Can Pay Per Play Pay You?

To generate their revenue the pay per play creators are paid by advertisers who want to get their audio message out to the masses online. To do that the creators needed to partner with people who have website. And the more traffic those websites get the better.

All a website owner needs to do is place a small code on their website, similar to that of adsense, which activates an audio advertisment that is played for just 5 short seconds. With it playing apon entry to the website, there is a good chance as each person clicks in and hears it, a little bit money was made for you.

Yes, unsuspecting visitors to your website can no longer help but to add cash to your kitty with this business model.

Will It Be Everything It Is Hoped To Be....

Well it still has to stand the test of time before anyone will know for usre, however many peopel have faith that it will. Excitement and enthusiasm is only building and if that is any sign of success then it all looks rosy from where we are standing right now.

There has always been a very frustration situation website owners have faced. They could spend as much money or time getting traffic to their website as they likes, but at the end of the day they knew that only a small pecentage counted towards their profits. This is all set to change and super charge the interest in traffic techniques.

So pay per play offers you a fresh new way to create cash flow online, but don't expect adsense to be obsolete just yet.
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