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Essential Home Based Business Training: 3 Secrets

All the work from home business entrepreneurs I know agree on one thing.

Everyone needs to be trained in business.

Why is it so important for the average person to get business training these days?

The one thing I believe most every home based business entrepreneur has realized is this: You can't depend on anyone else to provide for you or your family.

Not the company you're currently working for, not your spouse, and certainly not the government.

This article will review the three most important elements that a work from home business can teach any individual who is determined to be financially self sufficient.

Company loyalty that once was part of the fabric of this country is long gone. Company's loyalty to its employees, employees loyalty to their employer, and customer loyalty to a brand.

Sure there are exceptions (thank goodness), but if you work for a company and are banking on them being loyal to you and expecting your retirement fund to be intact when you need it you are playing Russian Roulette.

You are responsible for you own financial future and the sooner you get to work on creating your own home business the better. And when you think about the opposite place – a place of financial disaster due to failing to insure your future with a 'Plan B'; you'll recognize that is no place to risk putting your family.

That's where owning your own work from home business comes in. By learning what it takes to be successful in business you get to build a level of confidence and security that is yours to enjoy every day of the year. By learning this skill you'll be able to generate true financial independence (and you can't put a price on that).

In my experience the most important areas of training business owners get to develop are the following:

1. Business Strategy

2. Marketing

3. Optimization (a fancy word for ongoing improvement)

Business Strategy

The business strategy is the fundamental foundation of the business. Example: A company acquires the right to market a new product here in the states. That company may decide to market it exclusively via infomercials based on their research. Or perhaps they decided to combine that product with a second product to triple its attractiveness to the market. These are examples of business strategy, and every home based business entrepreneur needs to optimize theirs.

Needless to say there are strategies for just about everything. A smart company will focus first on the strategies that all the other strategies will work off of. Those strategies likely revolve around Branding, and Marketing, and Customer Service.


Marketing is without question the second most important element to a successful business. You might be able to produce the world's best chocolate chip cookies, or the best gizmo people have ever seen; but if not enough people find out about it you're going to lose it all.

What you have likely never heard is that at least two-thirds of your time should be invested in marketing for the first two years of being in business.

Marketing is happening everywhere all the time. In business to be sure but we are actually engaged in Marketing every time we try and convince our friend to go to a particular restaurant, or movie, or that our point of view about a particular topic is the correct one.

Effective business marketing takes on many different elements, strategies, techniques etc. For traditional 'old school' businesses it might include advertising via radio, TV, newspaper, or phone book. It could include Trade Shows, magazines etc. You're familiar with all of them and as a new entrepreneur I would suggest you stay away from all of them.

Writing advertising copy is an art in itself and the budgets needs to run an ad consistently enough to be effective is typically enormous.

Home based business entrepreneurs need to approach Marketing in a whole different manner. In a nutshell we'll refer to it as developing relationships. In a later article in this series we'll discuss this topic in depth.


The final 'essential training' we'll discuss in this article has to do with Optimization. Optimization is another form of Leverage. Optimization and Leverage can be considered strategies that allow us to multiply the effectiveness of what we doing
(yes I said multiply).

Fact is we can apply optimization to our everyday lives and create truly significant and enjoyable results to practically any area of our lives that we'd like to maximize. Areas like our relationships, quality family time, towards our leisure activities whether they are sport, music, or art.

The business training people can pick up thru owning a work from home business can be as significant and meaningful as in any boardroom in America – and much more fulfilling.

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