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Web Design For Corporate Industry

The one main factor that distinguishes or separates web designs for corporate industry from web designs for say, smaller businesses, is feature options. You see, it pretty much can go unsaid that a web design for a corporate entity is basically better financed. Having noted that fact, be aware that good money does not always equate to good taste or good sense of style.

A Growing Number Of Feature Options and Web Design For Corporate Industry

Perhaps at some point in your life you've seen or heard of someone who had an excess of cash to shop for their clothing and the result was a wardrobe full of absolutely gosh ensembles. You see, the same thing can now apply to corporate web design due to the growing number of feature options that are now available.

Be Careful With Video Streamers In Your Website

Feature options like video streamers that have to be downloaded before they can be watched. The problem all too often is that the video is poorly produced, downright boring and also bear in mind that a lot of visitors to your site will still be using low speed modems of 28K or 56K. The point here isn't that you shouldn't use videos but rather that you should be very careful when you do.

Don't Throw Everything In the Kitchen At Them All At Once

Corporate entities tend to have more to offer their customers or clients also when compared to a smaller business. Hence; corporate websites also tend to contain more information regarding all their service and product options. The point being here is that you should try to keep the site simple and uncluttered. Remember that many visitors will simply click to another site, rather then stick around trying to decipher a bunch of complex crowded information.

Do Your Best To Make the Material in Your Site Simple To Read and Comprehend

Consider breaking everything down into simple terms on a site map. Possibly on your first page. Remember that unless your business is computer related, chances are that your average visitor may not be very tech savvy. Along the same lines, consider keeping the text or print material in your site simple to read and easy to understand. You may be a prolific reader but bear in mind that the site isn't for you. Its for average John and Jane Doe.

Free Stuff is the Oldest Marketing Trick In the Book

One great way to increase the fun factor for a corporate websites is to include some type of “free giveaway.” Its the oldest trick in marketing in the book! The truth be told whats actually given away is less important than simply having the word “FREE” plugged in somewhere in your website. Consider having some type of ebook written up that you can give away immediately by download.

Heres Just One More Way To Connect With Your Visitors

Another idea is to have a free monthly news letter printed up that can be downloaded. Invite your visitors to sign up for the free monthly news letter by giving you their email address. Not only will they get the free ebook for signing up and giving you their email address but they'll also get a complimentary reminder once a month to come to your site and check out the monthly news letter.

About The Author:

Chris Tyrrell writes for Studio-40 a web design company based in the United Kingdom. Learn more about them here: Web Design Birmingham

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