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Bump Up Your Sales With Bump Auctions

For eBay Sellers finding ways to increase the exposure of their auctions, there is an answer, Bump Auction websites. These are websites that have a bump auction script that will allow eBay Sellers to immediately upload their eBay auctions to the website. This is a free service, websites make their money by collecting a referral fee if someone clicks through an auction and buys an item.
This is an ultimate win win situation for both the eBay Seller and the Bump Auction website. More promotion for the auction means more visitors and more sales.
The best explanation for the bump auction is to simply visit one of these websites to see how it works. If you have an eBay auction presently, you can easily upload your auction image and information to the bump auction script on the website and it will be added immediately. You can submit your eBay auction to the bump auction at http://www.bumpauctions.com to see how it works. You will find that all Bump Auction websites work the same way, they are all using the same script.
There are over 30 Bump Auction websites, with more growing steadily, for a list of websites see http://www.bumpauctions.com/FreeInfo or visit the BumpAuctions eBay store at http://www.stores.ebay.ca/BumpAuctions . You can also find two how to videos at the ebay store that will show you how to place your auction on the websites.
A few guidelines: Most image formats are acceptable except bitmap (.bmp) which is not compatible. It is best to use the description in your eBay ad for the title. Make sure you have selected the correct image because once it is submitted it cannot be changed. Most Bump Auction websites will only allow you to upload three auctions at one time, follow these rules.
A lot of the Bump Auction websites are high traffic sites, so visit often as older ads get "bumped off" as newer ads are placed. Submitting your auction to as many sites as you can will give you more exposure for your auctions. So "Bump up your Sales with Bump Auctions".

About The Author:

Peter Morrison is owner of the website http://www.bumpauctions.com

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