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Eight Ways To Improve Your List Building Techniques

Building a mailing list should be one of your priorities as an Internet marketer. It enables you to follow up on offers closely as many prospective buyers needs time to consider before making a purchase especially if it involves a costly product. Here are some tips to help you build a huge mailing list.

1. Forums – Take advantage of the forum traffic. Reply to unanswered questions in the forum and show that you are familiar in your niche. Do not forget to put a link to your subscriber page in the signature box. Make sure you read all the forum rules and regulation before posting.

2. Blogs – Create a weblog of your niche and place a subscription box at the top. Write blogs on your niche and post daily at first if possible. Submit your weblog to blog directories and social bookmarking services. Join a few blog communities and participate in feedback or comments to show your authority in your niche.

3. Solo-Ads – You can buy solo-ads in other e-zines. Solo-ads are slightly more expensive but worth the attention. The readers only get to see your ads and not any other distracting ads that are around. Make sure your ad is well written with only one purpose, which is to attract subscribers.

4. Affiliate Program – You can start an affiliate program for the purpose of promoting your newsletter. Create an e-book and plug in a link to your subscription page. Get affiliates to sell your e-book and offer very high commissions to them. Once you have a sized-up list you can always make more income in your next mailing.

5. Ads Exchange – Contact other newsletter or e-zine and propose for an ad exchange. Make sure your mailing list subscribers and his are more or less of equal size else it would be a one sided deal. Scan through the e-zine providers in the Internet and choose one of the same niche.

6. E-zine Directories – Submit to as many e-zine directories as possible. There are paid and free ones available in the Internet. It is good to have a mixture of both to maximize your e-zine exposure to readers. Look thru the search engines and find one that is within your budget.

7. E-zine Classifieds – This only contains four to five lines per advertisement. A very attractive headline will get you more clicks and sign-ups. Classified ads normally go out with the newsletter itself and they can come very cheap. Make sure you link your classified ads to your subscription page and not to any other sales or affiliate page.

8. Use PPC – Use pay per click to build up your subscriber base. But be very careful because if not done properly this could end up being very costly. Set up your ad so that it points back to your sign-up page and try to throw in a freebie download to entice your readers.

About The Author:

This article is written by Dave Das at http://www.my-affiliatemarketing.com . If you would like a free download please visit http://www.my-affiliatemarketing.com/sp/1.html

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