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Selling on eBay as a Home Business

Within the next 2 or 3 years, if the experts are to be believed, sales of

products on the Internet will go through the $100 TRILLION barrier. The

Internet is literally exploding with growth, and there has never been a

better time to get involved. http://www.vollmerwatchtime.com

There are a number of opportunities to earn money from the internet now, such

as internet marketing, affiliate marketing, Forex Trading and the like. Some

are easier to learn than others, but all have the potential to earn you a

good deal of money.

Online Auctions, such as eBay, are one of the only business opportunities

that give everyone the chance to operate from the same level. If you’re

thinking of doing this as a full or part time job, there are some things you

should consider first.

Before you sell anything through an online auction site it is a good idea to

buy something from the site first. This will give you some idea of how the

auction site works from a buyer’s point of view. This will be invaluable

later on if any problems arise.

Once you have bought one or two items, you should then sell a couple of

things too. Just small items from around your home or garage will do, just to

‘get your feet wet’ so to speak. You should also be able to get some positive

feedback from these sales, which will be very useful later on. When you are

completely happy with the way everything works, you should then start

thinking a little bigger, but not before you’re totally comfortable.

Probably the biggest problem facing anyone that is considering selling

through online auctions is actually finding items to sell. Unless you know of

someone with an endless supply of products – clothes, jewelry, mobile phones

or whatever – then you have to look elsewhere.

More and more ordinary people, just like you and me, are turning to wholesale

suppliers to get really top products at ridiculously low discount prices. How

do you think the eBay PowerSellers manage to sell so many high quality items,

give a discount AND still make a good profit!

Getting involved with buying products through a wholesale supplier is not

nearly as difficult as you first think. After all, THEY want your business

just as much as YOU want theirs. One of the beauties of getting all your

products from a wholesaler is that the more you buy, the cheaper it gets! All

the products from reputable wholesalers will be of high quality and have a

return guarantee, which of course means that you can easily return it for a

full refund should the need arise.

The first time you contact any of the wholesale suppliers, be up front and

tell them you are selling retail through online auction sites. Many of them

will be able to offer you what’s called ‘drop shipping’. This basically means

that when you get an order to fill, you collect payment from your customer,

you then contact the wholesaler, and instead of them physically sending you

the product, they send it direct to your customer for you. If you do it that

way, you don’t need anywhere to store boxes and boxes of stuff. You never

need to hold stock at all! This is really handy if the items are big or

bulky, or your customer lives far away.

There are two ways to find decent wholesale suppliers. The first, and

probably the hardest, is to conduct a search through Google or similar, and

hope you can find some good ones amongst all the dodgy ones on offer. The

other way, and obviously the quickest and best, is to join a wholesale

supplier directory. Most directories will have up to 8000 different suppliers

to choose from, and better still the good directories will have vetted the

suppliers before hand for quality of products, guarantees, returns policies

and the like, so you will know before you deal with them that they are


Selling on eBay can be a very good source of income for you and your family

as long as you are prepared to put a little effort into it, and know where to

source the best products at the best prices.

About The Author:

About the Author.
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