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Focus on VALUE to Ensure a Profitable Auction Listing


The life blood of any auction listing, the fewer the views then the lower the bidding will be no matter how professional your listings look. The key to increasing the number of views is simply RESEARCH.

Take a look at what other popular sellers of your items are doing, what titles do they use? Do they list in different categories to you? What keywords do they use to trigger an emotional response (leading to a bid)? Do they use gallery options? Are they using extra images to illustrate points?

All simple factors but those that can make or break a bidding frenzy.

Add Value

Adding value doesn't always mean physically doing something to the product, what you want to achieve here is a perceived added value when the potential bidder reads your description.

Structure your description well, where possible illustrate with images and try to write the listing in a leading way so that it encourages the potential bidder to read on and fall in love with your item.

If the item has additional uses then make sure you include it in the listing, don't waffle be clear and concise but demonstrate where possible why the potential bidder must have your item.

Sellers that have invested some time into creating 'added value' listing tend to find that they attract more bids and therefore a better selling price.


A fundamental part of your strategy to develop your ebay auction income (or other auction sites) is to develop bidders into purchasing more from you.

A vital part of any campaign is to 'encourage' the bidder to look at your other items for sale and where possible to add you into their favourite sellers list so that they revisit you time and time again.

If you are selling a supplementary item, or maybe a higher specified item then let the bidders know and highlight such things as combined postage to encourage them to look. Provide a breadcrumb trail that bidders can follow to your about me page, ebay provide a simple link that can be added so bidders can add you to their favourites so always include it.


Nothing is more off putting to a potential bidder than a listing that is confusing, where possible use laymens terms because remember not everyone is a technical expert.

Clearly set out all Payment, Shipping and Timescales so that they can be easily understood and the total cost and expected lead times can be worked out immediately.


People are more than likely to place a bid on a listing when they feel at ease with the auction, when creating your listing it is important that you completely objective towards your description.

Be completely honest, if there are faults then list them and explain fully, this shows that you are not trying to mislead and will help prevent negative feedback (remember your auction income depends on future listings also).

Simple rule here is what would you want to know about the product if you were buying it? Then simply describe it as you would expect to have it described to you. Dont miss bits out as this will allow an opportunity to develop within the bidders psyche to convince themselves not to bid, remember not all potential bidders ask questions.

Please look upon your listings as an opportunity to establish a relationship that you NEED to nuture so that this customer is locked into you and which will, in turn, provide you with a lifetimes worth of custom. Do not think singular transactions, even if they end up as them, because your ebay auction income depends on valued customers to guarantee you success.

About The Author:

Mike - Webmaster and eBay Power Seller at Online Auction Trader http://www.onlineauctiontrader.com/
We offer free templates, information and product sourcing to enable you to develop your online auctions into a sustainable, long term income stream.

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