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Jewelry Turnkey Website redefines the term Franchise

March 17, 2008 — BeyondDropship.com, a trademark of JewelrySprite.com, offers a new form of “franchise” for the internet world. “Sure it is not legally a franchise but it has all components that a franchise offers without the legal hassle while still providing all of the services” says BeyondDropship.com CEO Rey Tamayo. BeyondDropship.com offers more than most websites, and with its jewelry turnkey website operation it acts like a franchise without being legally binding as a franchise. It is a new type of business known as an “Internet Franchise,” which provides the operators franchisees with maximum flexibility, branding, and moneymaking options as a real franchise would.
Like Burger King, McDonalds, and KFC selling their products to their franchisees; BeyondDropship.com offers a site loaded with jewelry (which the operator can choose to sell or they can sell completely different products) and free drop shipping services so that all the buyer of the business opportunity has to do is market their website and take the orders. Aside from some customer support that the buyer may need to do when there are questions with the orders, JewelrySprite.com, the parent company and the one selling the silver jewelry, takes care of all of the post order issues. Because Jewelrysprite.com uses blind dropshipping, the end consumer will never be contacted and will have no knowledge that another site is even involved in the ordering process. Two main differences from a traditional franchise is that the “franchisees” do not have a common brand and have build their own brand but the traditional supports that a franchiser offers are there without the legal implications. The other major difference is the opportunity is free to get started as the website is free, it just cost for hosting/leasing fee as any franchise charges these fees on a regular basis.

About JewelrySprite.com
BeyondDropship.com is a fully owned division of JewelrySprite.com which is designed by Webtron (http://webtron.net) a leading web design company in Miami, Florida. It is the first fully integrated wholesale and retail business to business to consumer (B2B2C) source of fine jewelry products on the Internet. With its innovations in the internet business opportunity model BeyondDropship.com offers turnkey jewelry solutions that act similar to a Franchise opportunity without being one and eliminates the legal hassles while still offering the same level of support to its customers.
JewelrySprite.com carries fine and fashion jewelry made in various parts of the world in silver, brass, and base metal as well as the finer Gold and Platinum and Steel, and Sterling wholesale silver jewelry at an affordable price. We primarily sell wholesale and offer free blind dropshing worldwide for most of our customers!

One more advantage over a traditional franchise is that the business is simple and can be ran from home part-time; Nelly Hernandez who runs NellySparkles.com says “All I have to do is market my site and when I get orders I transfer them from my website to JewelrySprite.com with just three clicks. They do the rest unless there is a question about the order, then they write to me and I write to my customer so my customer never knows they exist and I brand myself only”. Mrs. Hernandez goes on to say “I have all the security and comfort of a franchise business without any legal implications or the overhead of managing the franchise brand itself; but I get to brand myself and as with a franchise the site provides many marketing tools for me to use so that I do not have to work hard to do most marketing tasks on the internet”.
Beyond just providing the turnkey jewelry business, BeyondDropship.com offers any merchant the ability to use the site to sell any conceivable type of product, as marketing jewelry is not required. Merchants can put up to 4000 of their own products items on the site. Businesses looking for an affordable way to run their internet business turn to BeyondDropship.com because the site offers over twelve (12) marketing tools not commonly provided by other site building websites. Business owners can focus on business operations while BeyondDropship.com tools such as datafeed builders not only make it easy to market their site but also save them money. Such sophisticated marketing tools created by a third party or a programmer cost a great deal of money to make, but they are free to all BeyondDropship.com customers.

About The Author:

JewelrySprite.com.com is the perfect business opportunity with its wholesale accessories store and free drop shipping as well as its wholesale withs amazing marketing tools this is a complete business soluti

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