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A true level playing field for online buyers and sellers is finally attainable at IWACStores.com for more information......... [ Read Article ]

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CQout has seen many online auction sites come and go, and it’s easy these days to set up an auction site ‘out of the box’. But maintaining and developing that site in the face of changing patterns of internet use, data security issues, and increasing... [ Read Article ]

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Over the years I have seen many an auction site come and go. In some cases the shouts of "we'll be the next eBay" have hardly died down before you find that unfortunately the site has expired. As some have found out, it simply isn't as easy as buying... [ Read Article ]

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UK based internet auction site CQout Ltd (pronounced ‘Seek You Out’) this week celebrates having over a quarter million items for sale on CQout for the first time, cementing its position as the UK’s second largest internet auction site.... [ Read Article ]

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Are you fairly new to eBay business? Or is just planning to enter the world of eBay business and test its waters? You have nothing to fear. Here are simple startup tips for you, newbie. Entering the eBay business means that you are setting up shop on... [ Read Article ]

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Once you get comfortable with eBay you get a rhythm going. The money comes in; you package and ship, and put more items up for auction. You've invested in some useful software to help you with your eBay auctions - and now you're looking around for mo... [ Read Article ]

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With E bay being one of the most searched for terms on the internet today,[ approx 24 million people last month], it is hardly surprising that more and more everyday people are turning away from the 9-5 job scene, and looking at the income opportunit... [ Read Article ]

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Harness the presence of eBay throughout the world to increase your sales or find new bargains. A lot of sellers on eBay tend to trade within their comfort zones without realising the potential of expanding global markets. Whilst it its true that for... [ Read Article ]

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Make sure your item arrives in one piece After posting a listing and making sale, shipping is only half the seller's remaining battle in closing the deal. The other half, packaging, is too often ignored or not taken seriously. In my years of eBay tra... [ Read Article ]

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eBid announced recently that it had surpassed the three million auctions mark. eBid which started trading in 1999 in the UK now has a presence in 18 territories across the US and Canada, UK, Africa, Asia and Australasia.... [ Read Article ]

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