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Submitting Articles To The AuctioneZone Website.

Publishing an article can be an effective way of promoting yourself or your business whilst at the same time helping other internet users. A list of the benefits of submitting an article can be found here.

However to ensure that articles are of a sufficient quality and benefit to our readers we do have certain guidelines that need to be followed. Please ensure therefore that you read the details below prior to submitting an article:

1. Article Quality - Articles should share useful information, tips and your expertise and generally benefit our readership. Articles which are simply intended to be press releases should only be submitted to our PR Section. Other articles which are construed to be blatant adverts or be overly self promoting will be rejected. Please also ensure that your articles falls within one of our specifc auction topic categories detailed to the left hand side of this page.

2. Spelling/Grammar - Articles with spelling or grammatical errors will be deleted. It is your job to ensure you only submit professional content, therefore please check your articles before submission.

3. Affiliate links - Are Not Permitted.  Any articles that you submit to AuctioneZone must not contain any affiliate links whatsoever. If your article does mention other products or websites they must contain a direct link only to that website or product. Affiliate links found in any article will be removed. If you wish to add an affiliate link then include it on a page on your own website and place a link to that page in your article.

4. Direct Links - A maximum of three links (url's) are allowed in the main body of the article. A further one link is permitted in the Author Bio which is displayed directly underneath your article. Links should be written in full i.e. http://www.auctionezone.com and not like this: www.auctionezone.com

5. Email Addresses - Whilst we strongly recommend that you place a direct link to your website we do not permit the display of your email address. This is to prevent us from becoming a target of email harvesters and will reduce the amount of spam sent to our authors. Email addresses found in any article will be removed.

6. Article Rights - By submitting an article to AuctioneZone you irrevocably grant others free usage rights to publish your articles. This will however include the Author Bio that you provide and which credits you as the author of the content.  Submitted articles may be used by webmasters in any way, such as, but not limited to: website publication, ezine publication, magazine publication, web blogs, newsletters, through RSS syndicated feeds etc. Webmasters who use these articles are not permitted to re-assign copyright or to change the content in any way.

7. Article Format - Articles are only accepted in text format - HTML code is not permitted and will be stripped prior to inclusion. Here are the Maximum number of characters for each field: Article Summary (snippet)  - 250, Article Body - 5000, Author Bio - 250

8. Liability - You acknowledge, by your use of this site, that all articles displayed express the views and opinions of the author only. Therefore AuctioneZone will not be held liable for any articles or for use of the information contained within them.

9. Copyright - You can not submit articles that you do not hold the copyright for.  All content must be written by you and you must be the sole copyright holder for all articles you submit. Ghost Written articles are acceptable assuming you are the only person now in ownership of rights to the article in question. All articles must be original and not copied from other sources.

10. Unacceptable Content - Your articles must not contain any abusive, racist, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-oriented or any other material that may violate any applicable laws. Doing so may lead to you being immediately and permanently banned (and your service provider being informed). The IP address of all posts is recorded to aid in enforcing these conditions.

11. Unacceptable Content - Your article must not contain information on hacking/cracking or any information that may lead the reader to break any applicable law or a websites TOS.

12. Article Duplication - We do not accept multiple duplicate articles from the same author. Additionally articles from the same author where only minor alterations have been made will not be accepted. All articles should be unique and original.

13. Article Review - Submission of an article does not guarantee its inclusion - We reserve the right to reject any article for any reason.

14. Privacy - AuctioneZone uses cookies on this site. These cookies do not contain any of the information you have entered and they serve only to improve your browsing experience and use of the site. The e-mail address we request on registration  is used  for confirming your registration details and password (and for sending new passwords should you forget your current one). Depending on your settings you can also request that a daily digest of the new articles published be sent to you. You can of course unsubscribe from this at any time by logging into the members area. Additionally we may also send you pertinent service information regarding the AuctioneZone site or our tools. Please Note: We will never sell, rent or share any of our users information to any third party. We do however reserve the right to share information for the purposes of law enforcement or to comply with a legal order.

15. Editors - The editor's decision on the suitability of articles is final. The editor reserves the right to edit text to fulfill the above requirements. Additionally the editor reserves the right to decide on the suitability of hyperlinks and may at their sole discretion remove them from articles.